Contact the AzCHER Team

AzCHER WARM LINE   602-264-2930

Amy Di Miceli / Southern Region Manager & Statewide Planning Manager

Dawn Irons / Project Coordinator

Debbie Johnston / AzHHA Executive Vice President & AzCHER Executive Sponsor

Jamie Beauvais / Central Region Manager & Statewide Training and Exercise Manager

Mary Douglass / Member Relations Coordinator

Robin Oothoudt / Executive Director & Statewide Operations Manager

Shawna Murphy / Northern and Western Regions Manager & Statewide Logistics Manager

AzCHER WARM LINE   602-264-2930

  • The Duty Officer of the week will receive incoming calls and forward the information to the appropriate AzCHER Regional Manager. Members will call the Warm Line to report the following events: Internal or external disasters; activation of EOCs; needing additional support from AzCHER.


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