For Providers

As COVID-19 vaccine developments move closer to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) authorization, Arizona healthcare providers must begin the onboarding process in order to administer the vaccine once it is available. COVID-19 vaccine distribution will follow The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) phased approach, in which vaccine distribution will be prioritized in three phases. All healthcare providers interested in administering any COVID-19 vaccinations to employees or patients are required to complete an onboarding process. Phase 1 onboarding has closed as of Monday, November 2, 2020. At this time, healthcare providers can onboard for Phases 2 and 3 of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution program.

What Healthcare Providers Need to Do:

  • All providers who would like to administer COVID-19 vaccines must complete the Pandemic Provider Onboarding survey forms.
  • After submitting the first form, you will be directed to the survey page where you will find the next forms to complete. The forms serve two purposes:
    • to ensure the signatory provider understands the requirements
    • to ensure the facility can meet each requirement
  • The signatory provider is required to complete all of the surveys and receive approval from the AIPO before the facility will be able to order future pandemic vaccines.
  • Providers can visit AIPO Train to prepare themselves for receiving and dispensing the vaccine.