Coalition Funds


To support AzCHER members in obtaining the supplies, services, and equipment needed to adequately prepare for emergencies affecting the healthcare delivery system, a portion of the coalition’s HPP funding has been set aside to provide sub-awards of up to $5,000.  Funds cannot be used for daily operations or response functions, including items specifically related to the COVID response, but can be used for certain allowable expenses, such as:

  • Preparedness Supplies and Functions, such as:
    • Infection Control
    • Personal Protective Equipment (for preparedness pertaining to infectious disease, decontamination, etc.)
    • Triage systems
  • Equipping the Emergency Operations Center, such as
    • ICS Vests
    • Laptop Computers
  • Communications Equipment
  • Other Expense Related to Healthcare Emergency Preparedness


To request access to coalition funds, your organization must have a signed Participation Agreement (PA) on file and have an account registered in AzCHER Connect.

Coalition funds cannot be used for general operations, administration, or expenses not directly related to emergency preparedness and response.  Requests must align with one of the four Healthcare Preparedness and Response Capabilities established by the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response (ASPR) for the Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP):

    1. Foundation for Healthcare and Medical Readiness – The community’s healthcare organizations and other stakeholders—coordinated through a sustainable HCC—have strong relationships, identify hazards and risks, and prioritize and address gaps through planning, training, exercising, and managing resources.
    2. Healthcare and Medical Response Coordination – Healthcare organizations, the HCC, their jurisdiction(s), and the ESF-8 lead agency plan and collaborate to share and analyze information, manage and share resources, and coordinate strategies to deliver medical care to all populations during emergencies and planned events.
    3. Continuity of Healthcare Service Delivery – Healthcare organizations, with support from the HCC and the ESF-8 lead agency, provide uninterrupted, optimal medical care to all populations in the face of damaged or disabled healthcare infrastructure. Healthcare workers are well-trained, well-educated, and well-equipped to care for patients during emergencies. Simultaneous response and recovery operations result in a return to normal or, ideally, improved operations.
    4. Medical Surge – Healthcare organizations—including hospitals, EMS, and out-of-hospital providers—deliver timely and efficient care to their patients even when the demand for healthcare services exceeds available supply. The HCC, in collaboration with the ESF-8 lead agency, coordinates information and available resources for its members to maintain conventional surge response. When an emergency overwhelms the HCC’s collective resources, the HCC supports the health care delivery system’s transition to contingency and crisis surge response and promotes a timely return to conventional standards of care as soon as possible.

To ensure compliance with HPP funding guidelines, all requests are subject to allowability by the Arizona Department of Health Services.

All equipment purchased with HPP funds is property of the State of Arizona and, as such, inventory must be tracked. Capital items valued at $5,000 and above must complete an Inventory Form. Only single items above this threshold need to be reported. A group of items valued at $5,000 (such as a group of radios) does NOT require an Inventory Form.

Requests must be submitted by May 31, 2021, and purchases must be made prior to June 30, 2021. The final reimbursement request must be submitted no later than July 15, 2021.

Only one (1) request can be funded per facility.  For larger health systems or networks, up to two (2) facility requests can be funded, with a separate funding request form to be completed for each facility.

Funds will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis after review by the appropriate Regional Steering Committee.  There will be no set-asides or pre-set amounts for a funding category or region.

Recipients may be listed in the coalition’s annual report.


  1. Complete the Coalition Funds Request Form and submit to [email protected]. Bids or quotes can accompany the request to demonstrate the cost of the requested item(s) or service.
  2. The request will be reviewed by the requesting facility’s Regional Steering Committee (RSC) to ensure the expense is aligned with the policies stated above.
  3. The Project Coordinator will notify the requesting facility of the RSC’s approval or declination of the request.
  4. Upon notification of approval, the requesting facility makes the purchase with its own funds.
  5. After making the purchase, the requesting facility submits a Reimbursement Request Form along with all receipts for the purchase to [email protected]. Receipts are required to demonstrate that the purchase was made.  Do not submit invoices or purchase orders.
  6. A check will be issued to the facility from AzCHER’s fiduciary agent, the Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association, to the attention of the point of contact noted on the Reimbursement Request Form.

Questions can be sent to your Regional Manager or to [email protected]