2022 AzCHER Full-Scale Exercise: Jumanji in July

The Arizona Coalition for Healthcare and Emergency Response (AzCHER) is pleased to announce our annual full-scale exercise, Jumanji in July, happening on April 21, 2022. This exercise aims to test the operational capacity of AzCHER to respond during a state-wide emergency or disaster affecting all four coalition regions within the state. Concurrently, the exercise provides an opportunity for members to engage with the coalition and organizations in other regions while meeting exercise requirements. The AzCHER 2022 Full-Scale Exercise will enhance critical healthcare partnerships, healthcare provider organizations’ preparedness and response capabilities for large-scale system disruptions, and build healthcare system resilience.

Jumanji in July Goals

The overarching exercise goal is to provide an operational learning environment for AzCHER and AzCHER Member organizations to:

  • Exercise emergency response plans, policies, and procedures during a prolonged statewide loss of power;
  • Practice operational interactions among various Coalition sectors and partner organizations;
  • Assess inter-regional coordination ability and cooperation during a simulated large-scale emergency scenario;
  • Incorporate representation and input from the Arizona State Independent Living Council (AZSILC) in developing and evaluating the exercise in order to address potential needs of the DAFN community during an emergency situation;
  • Validate performance of specific healthcare capabilities and their associated critical tasks;
  • Identify gaps in Coalition preparedness activities to support improvements in preparedness and response, thereby building overall healthcare system resilience; and
  • Meet the requirements of the Medical Response & Surge Exercise (MRSE), formerly Coalition Surge Test, by testing the Coalition and members’ capacity to accommodate a surge of patients equal to at least 20% of its staffed bed capacity and to ensure availability of staffed beds, supplies and equipment, and personnel across its membership.

Info & Registration

2022 AzCHER Full-Scale Exercise: Jumanji in July
Date: Thursday, April 21, 2022
Time: 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.
Registration Deadline: March 25, 2022

Participation in the 2022 AzCHER Full-Scale Exercise is open to AzCHER members that have signed a Participation Agreement. If you have not signed a new Participation Agreement with the statewide coalition, please review and electronically sign it here. If you have signed a Participation Agreement, you can register for the 2022 AzCHER Full-Scale Exercise at the link below.